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Quality Since 1985

Commercial Property Maintenance

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Serving Champaign County and surrounding areas

Champaign, IL

We know that every moment your fleet isn't on the road costs you money.  that's why we work quickly and effectively!


Nearly 30 years of experience.


Choose the most qualified experts.


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Effective solutions to your cleaning needs

Blast away dirt and grime

Over time, filth builds up on your home, your business, and your large vehicles. Fight back by turning to the experts in pressure washing! Our safe and effective methods are perfect for everything from your commercial fleet to your home's driveway. Our mobile units go anywhere that you do, and we work quickly to keep you and your business on schedule.


When you choose our team, you'll get all of the benefits that come with our nearly 30 years of experience. Come see why our experts have been trusted by some of the region's most respected businesses since 1985!

Get pressure washing, baking soda blasting, or sand blasting for any kind of vehicle or structure.


 •  Tractor trailers

 •  RVs

 •  Heavy Equipment

 •  Other vehicles

 •  Residential and commercial structures

 •  Agriculture

    And more!

Pressure washing Pressure washing

Commercial, Residential, Fleet Trucks and Heavy Equipment Mobile Pressure Washing

Mi-T-M Pressure Washing Parts